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Parador Engineered

Building a Beautiful Future with Parador Flooring

Parador is a German-based company founded in 1977. It specialises in creating laminated flooring, engineered wood flooring, textile floor coverings, and resilient floor coverings that are suitable for heavy duty demands. All flooring products and accessories from Parador are receiving high level of appreciation and acknowledgement from noteworthy interior design experts.
Since Parador was established, it has been playing an international role in flooring development and innovations. Because of its incomparable experience and up-to-date technical expertise, Parador is able to produce authentic and durable wood flooring. It can even transform traditional materials such as concrete and stone into real-looking wood flooring.

Parador: a leading expert in laminate flooring

Parador emerged over the last 5 to 10 years as a leading wood flooring manufacturer in the market. They administration work extremely hard to provide top-quality products meticulously designed and sourced from sustainable raw materials all around the world.
The company takes pride in its laminated flooring that feature high resilience and easy maintenance, making specialists agree that such type of floors is a worthy alternative to real wood floors. Parador has been producing laminated floors for several decades for its valued clients. The company is also dubbed as one of the pilot manufacturers in the laminate flooring industry.
Parador?s passion lies in the desire of providing natural flooring options to its clients. Through the laminated flooring technology, the company can now offer a selection of wood and tile planks. From indoor accessories, Parador is slowly making a name in outdoor design. It has created superb decking options in various shades and formats, as well as panels for a more decorative wall.
Moreover, Parador highlights creative graphic motifs and decors from infamous international designers to give you the best, latest, and trendiest design options. The company uses floor innovations to give life to interior designing and add a touch of warmth to home building.

Offering fine quality Parador flooring

Source Wood Floors decided to feature Parador products in the hopes of breaking away from the usual and conventional. It dreams to establish a collection of flooring where designs, styles, and character are endless. Parador and Source Wood Floors are one in creating innovative designs and concepts that will go beyond any standard.
Come and see Source Wood Floors? variety of hardwood and laminated flooring especially gathered for you. We have organized a team of specialists to assist you every step of the way, from giving you flooring advices to providing you the perfect floor.