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Sikabond 54 full stick down

Sikabond 54 full stick down

Sikabond T54 / T55 adhesives

> Sika wood flooring adhesives

Glue down wooden floor installation with Sika adhesives provides a permanent bond to the sub floor but with a flexible "elastic" floor adhesive rather than a rigid wood floor glue. SikaUk offer a range of hardwood flooring adhesives for engineered and solid oak and a whole range of wood species and it is the real wood flooring adhesive of choice for all our solid wood floors.
The Sika adhesive products range includes T2 Liquid battens, SikaAcoubond underlay system and the trowelled on Sika adhesive range which includes T52, T54, T55 and the new Sika AT-80 adhesive. Sika T54 / T55 adhesive is a trowelled on adhesive which gives a 'full surface bond' so that the wooden flooring is bonded to the floor but allows for subtle movement due to natural expansion and contraction as the result of changes in moisture conditions.

Sika T54 versus T55 versus AT-80

Sika T54 or T55 or Sikabond AT-80, which one should you buy. Sika T55 is still available but is expected to be phased out in the near future. It is a solvent based adhesive and we would recommend using the newer T54 adhesive which has the same benefits and features but is solvent free.
If you are fitting a pre-finished wood floor and are worried about working cleanly with the adhesive then always choose the new Sika AT-80 product. This still has all the benefits of the T54 and T55 but has the advantage of being an easy wipe clean product so the adhesive will come off should you get it on the top surface of the floorboard.
Sikabond professional wood flooring adhesive products provide a permanent yet elastic bond to the sub floor to give a flexible bond that allows for subtle movement in your wood floor.
This enables timber floors to be laid in a time saving manner with ease to create a durable bonded floor ideal for underfloor heating and features great in room acoustic benefits. Sika adhesive products will allow for the even transfer of heat from under floor heating systems embedded in the concrete screed subfloor.
Always ensure sub floors are free of moisture using a moisture meter. Where damp is an issue or some moisture still present in concrete or for floors coated in other substances use Sika MB Primer first. Where existing bitumous products have been used and remain on the sub floor, then mechanically remove the majority of this first to expose 80% to 90% of the concrete sub floor before applying any floor adhesive.
Sika products are available ex stock and you can choose from Economy, Standard, Next day by 09.00, 10.00 or 12.00 noon all charged at COST!