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Elka Wood Flooring UK
Burano Oak Natural Sawn Oak Floor
Burano Oak Natural Sawn Oak Floor
From £42.51 - £45.00 m² £84.17 - £89.10 pack (Exc. VAT)


Top of the Line Elka Wood Flooring

Shopping for the best flooring for your home can be a daunting task when faced with a myriad of options. Elka wood Flooring helps you narrow down your choices by providing you with the very best when it comes to wooden flooring.

Wooden floors provide your home a cosy and natural look. With Elka Wood Flooring, you have three options to choose from - laminated wood: which is easy to install than hardwood but has the same physical appearance, solid wood: which as the name implies, is made up of a whole block of pure solid wood and real wood: which is composed of layered wood with a top layer of hardwood.

Real wood Elka flooring is engineered, and is made up of several layers of wood in a cross-grain design to minimize their expansion and contraction whenever there are changes to a room’s temperature. As a result, this type of wooden flooring is more stable and moisture-resistant. Sitting on top of the real wood is a hardwood, called the veneer, which gives off the appearance of having a solid wood as flooring for your home.

Elka Wood Flooring offers many options when it comes to real wood flooring. It comes in 12.5mm, 14mm, 18mm, 21mm, and 22mm. Aside from the thickness, you can also choose the veneer and finish of your wood floor.