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Exterior clear oils

Exterior clear oils

Osmo Exterior Clear Oils for Exterior Wood Treatment

Every wood flooring deserves the best treatment. It also needs sunscreen protection to avoid damages in the surface and deep within. To help you take care of this, Source Wood Floors is offering a variety of different Osmo exterior and interior wood oils that can maintain every timber’s unique style and charm.
Osmo exterior clear oils are great for all exterior joinery, furniture, and decking. They produce a clear, quick drying water repellent and weather resistant finish. Their breathable finish does not crack, peel, flake, or even blister under the sun. Unlike lacquers, varnishes, and other water-based systems, Osmo UV protection oils are based on natural vegetable oils and waxes that are harmless and non-toxic.

Guaranteed protection of Osmo exterior clear oils

Osmo exterior clear oils work magic in preserving the wood's grain and natural characteristics. It can bring out a rich effect to ensure that any exterior wood looks beautiful inside and out. Wood treatment and protection just got easier and more powerful with Osmo exterior clear oils. They can:
  • protect the natural beauty of wood by activating its special ingredients that could fight the threats of algae and fungal decay.
  • be used as a coating over newly applied oil based stains.
    block the greying process occurring in wood by a UV protection factor of 12.
  • prolong renovation time to stained wood.
  • provide the most hardwearing and durable protection for wooden exteriors.
  • give a glossy satin finish for exterior timber joinery and garden furniture.
  • stand alone as a two-coat finish.

High quality Osmo exterior clear oils from Source Wood Floors

What makes Osmo exterior clear oils a must-buy is that it is available in new timber tones: oak and cedar. These choices will give you the chance to give your simple home a contemporary look!
In choosing Osmo exterior clear oils, make sure to inspect for cheaper imitations of this leading wood floor-finishing product. Purchase your own finish from a trusted store to lower the risks of getting the wrong product. For more details and advice, you can contact Source Wood Floors today through phone or email.