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Exterior colour oils

Exterior colour oils

Exterior Wood Finishes – Osmo Exterior Colour Oils

Exterior wood oils and finishes are created to provide a waterproof finish and enrich the natural colour of the wood. Some oils also offer a hardwearing surface finish while others protect the timber from the sun. In light of these flooring innovations come Osmo exterior colour oils, which promise decorative and protective wood stains.
Each has a very high solid content that also provides a high coverage rate. The solvent- and water-free colour oils have a solid content of 99 % that is responsible for its resilience and durability. Osmo exterior colour oils do not only provide protection and nourishment to various types of wood, but also give them a lovelier and livelier appearance. The natural oils go deeply into the wood, maintaining its elasticity and preventing it from getting flaky and brittle.

What awaits users of Osmo Exterior Colour Oils

You do not need to go extra miles and avail unnecessary wood services with Osmo exterior colour oils. You can now save time, material, and labour costs because this wonderful product can protect your exterior timbers against the greying affects of sunlight while safeguarding them from rot, mildew, and weathering.
Osmo exterior colour oils are also made even more outstanding through the following advantages:
  • They grant your wood semi-transparent colour shades for all exterior woodwork’s shinier finish.
  • They are based from natural oils that provide micro-porous layer for the wood to easily breath and release moisture.
  • They produce a smooth satin mat surface while accentuating the grain and overall texture of the timber.
  • They also protect your wood from acquiring unwanted blue stains.
  • They are water-repellent and extremely weather and UV resistant.
  • They shield the exterior woods from potential damages, such as cracks, flakes, and blisters.
Osmo exterior colour oils do not contain biocides nor preservatives, bringing no negative effect to indoor woodworks. They are also safe to use around man and animals. More importantly, they are easy to apply. They take time to dry so brush marks become invisible in the process. To renovate, just apply a further coat and your wood will immediately look good as new.