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Other hardwax oils

Other hardwax oils

Blanchon Hardwax Oil For Interior Wood Finishes

Everyone wants to provide their homes with utmost care and maintenance. If you have a wooden floor and you are in the hunt for the best product for your floor’s best condition, then it is just right that you go for a single product for wood that can perform several tasks. Choose Blanchon hardwax oil

What makes Blanchon hardwax oil superior?

Blanchon hardwax oil should definitely be a staple in your go-to products because Blanchon is a brand known to specialise in wood care.
Blanchon hardwax oil is centred from vegetable oils and will give a natural touch and finish to your wood floor. However, Blanchon has also come up with a number of options in terms of colours that produce distinct smoked and weather hues especially when used with the Wood ageing agent product.
Blanchon hardwax oil comes in different range. Blanchon Maintenance Oil is ideal for application on pre-finished oiled floors and UV oiled floors. They work best to maintain clear and coloured hardwax oil. Bona Hardwax Oil Matt is a well-balanced blend on natural oils and wax for treatment of wooden floors surfaces and other interior woodwork. Bona Hardwax Oil Silk Matt permeates the wood to create ad durable film with outstanding resistance to both water and spills. They also have two other variants in the form of Blanchon Hardwax Oil Natural and Blanchon Hardwax Oil Satin.

Brief history of Blanchon

In case you are wondering, Blanchon is a family run business that was established in 1832. Modernisation, innovation, and environment concern have motivated them to develop a whole range of high quality and calibre products that offer the best wood finishes – which are some of the reasons why their products have been featured in many commercials around the world.
Here at Source Wood Floors, we offer quality Blanchon hardwax oil at competitive prices. Browse our collection of wood flooring finishes today!