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Osmo wood floor cleaners

Osmo wood floor cleaners

If you’re looking for wood floor cleaners and finishes, then look no further than our selection of Osmo wood floor cleaners. We understand how much you love your wood floors and how much you want to protect them. But protection is not everything; it should also be about bringing out the natural beauty of your wood floors.

Osmo wood floor cleaners and finishes are also environmentally safe. Only natural- based ingredients are used in their wood floor cleaners. As such, not only are you taking care of your wood floors, you’re also taking care of the environment. Best of all, it can be used on different types of floors—wood, plastic, cork, and even PVC floors.

Maintain wood quality with wood floor cleaners

We carry a wide array of wood floor cleaners and finishes from Osmo wood. The Osmo Wash and Care product is great for cork and wood floors – whether oiled or waxed. Use it as often as you want, since its special formulation that does not leave residues on the surface. It really is one of the best wood floor cleaners out there.

Osmo liquid wax cleaners are also great if you are doing any wood maintenance projects. It can refresh, revitalise, and maintain the quality and appearance of your wood floor. You can even use it to easily remove dark and stubborn stains. These wood floor cleaners are based on carnauba and candelilla wax so everything is natural. Protect your floors while protecting the environment with these wood floor cleaners.

Wood floor cleaners and accessories

If you’re new to any wood maintenance projects and you don’t know which wood floor cleaners and accessories to use, here at Source Wood Floors, we aim to make it easy for you.

We carry Osmo Maintenance kits, which are basically starter kits containing the Osmo Wash and Care, a Liquid Wax Cleaner, fibre cloths, polishing pads, and a manual to get you started. If a mop is the only thing missing in your wood maintenance repertoire, then try our Option Set—a mop with several kinds of cloths and pads to help you maintain your oil or wax- treated wood floors.