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Furlong Emerald Engineered Wood Flooring

Furlong Emerald engineered wood flooring spells sophistication and elegance that brings incomparable warmth and charm into any space. This range covers several milled single strip products. Each plank is micro bevelled on all four sides making the spaces between the planks very small and unnoticeable. Every plank is 14mm thick. The Furlong Emerald engineered wood flooring has a 3mm nominal hardwood top. The middle and base layers can either be pine or spruce. Both are highly durable softwood.
Hardwood under the Furlong Emerald engineered wood flooring range comes in two types of finish: UV oil or UV lacquer. UV oiled planks have a thin coat of oil that penetrates deep into the wood which makes them appear rich and allow them to reflect a little bit of light.

Our Furlong Emerald engineered wood flooring with UV oil finish includes:
  • Oak Rustic Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Smoked Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Coffee Stained Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Nutmeg Stained Brushed & UV Oiled
  • White Lime Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Dark Smoked Brushed & UV Oiled

On the other hand, UV lacquered planks enjoy the coat of contemporary varnish. The lacquer coating effectively sits on top of the wood, protects it, and gives it a distinct shine.

Our Furlong Emerald engineered wood flooring with lacquer finish includes:
  • Oak Rustic Lacquered
  • Oak Prime Lacquered
  • Walnut Stained Lacquered, and
  • Buckskin Stained Lacquered