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3 Strip Engineered Wood Flooring

3 Strip Engineered Wood Flooring

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source on June 16th 2011
3 Strip Engineered Wood Flooring Selecting hardwood flooring is fraught with choices‚ and three strip hardwood flooring, is simply that the boards are engineered from either one piece or a combination of three pieces of selected natural wood. Engineered boards have a 4mm top layer of your chosen wood finish.The redesign of any room is incomplete until flooring is laid, and quality engineered flooring is often chosen as a floor covering because of the sheer number of design options. It looks great if left bare and also if throw rugs and other carpeting options are used in conjunction with it. T

he patterns and textures of the wood make for an eye-catching design. Good engineered flooring is available in several designs, one of the more interesting of these being the 3-strip design. Most engineered wood flooring has just a single strip of real wood as the outer layer of the floorboard. Three strip engineered wood flooring lives up to its name in having three different strips of the same kind of wood laid side by side on each plank. Since the three strips are not all taken from the same part of the tree trunk, variations in pattern result, and covering a floor with these boards produces an attractive variegated look. With 3-strip-engineered wood flooring you get a beautiful and unique design, one not repeated anywhere else, even in another room in the same home or office. Compare engineered flooring with solid wood flooring and it soon becomes clear that the 3-strip look is possible only with the engineered flooring option.

Nothing is lost if engineered wood floors are chosen; 3 strip engineered wood flooring is made entirely from real wood. Durability is not lost when the beauty of 3 strip engineered wood flooring is chosen over the solid wood flooring option. As the top layer is only 3mm there will be limited movement so for large installations you can easily fit through door thresholds etc.:  and right up to fire surrounds. You should always leave a gap of 5mm around the room underneath the skirting boards. Three strip comprises a 4mm top layer that is designed using three pieces of your chosen wood finish resulting in a narrow, sectional grain on each floor board. The strips are cut from three different wood sources and manufactured into a single board to produce the distinguished design effect over the width of the board. 3 strip does give a different appearance to traditional hardwood flooring and as it is engineered can be used with underfloor heating.

It is quite a unique effect and looks great. As it is engineered it is available in click form too, so easier to fit. If you need any help please feel free contact us: 01379 652613 or 08456021781


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