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What is Parquet Flooring?

What is Parquet Flooring?

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source on February 6th 2015
Parquet flooring, also commonly known as mosaic flooring, is a type of flooring made out of wooden pieces placed together to form a pattern for flooring. Flooring patterns of parqueted floors are mostly geometric, although in some special cases, the wood flooring is carved into a curved shape if it better suits a client’s preference.

What patterns of parquet flooring is available?

Depending on room size and interior design preferences, parquet flooring can meet all sorts of styles. For rooms that are bigger than usual, many people opt for a specific wooden pattern in the middle of the floor of the room with simple and clean patterns covering the remaining area of the room. While for a smaller sized room, a cleaner, more minimalist pattern could be more preferable, such as the herringbone pattern which can make the room look wider as well as add a sophisticated vibe to the room.

What makes parquet flooring better than other flooring?

Parqueted flooring is warmer to the feet compared to tiles which usually become cold, especially during night time. Parquet also offers a distinct air of class to any room and goes with any wallpaper or paint. It has become a classic addition to any home and still remains a popular choice in interior design today.

What is parquet flooring made of?

Parquet flooring is commonly made out of oak, walnut, maple, cherry, pine, and lime tree wood. It can be either made from natural solid wood or engineered wood. The difference is that solid wood parquet flooring is made directly out of lumber, while engineered wood is usually a combination of different layers of different kinds of wood, with hardwood as its topmost layer. However, once the flooring is laid out, both types of parquet flooring look the same.

How sturdy is parquet flooring?

In the earlier days, parquet flooring was laid out as flooring with the use of heated asphalt as an adhesive. This means that the material for parquet flooring can more or less withstand hot asphalt, which is the same material used for road construction and repairs. And although today, a different kind of adhesive is used, the quality of most parquet floorings remains the same.

How are parqueted floors cleaned?

Just like other wooden floors, parqueted floors can be swept or cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. If it must be mopped, use only a damp mop or cloth to clean, as a wet mop or cloth may destroy the wood over time. For an overall more polished effect, some people like to coat their parqueted floors with a coat of floor wax to maintain the wood’s shine, as well as protect the wood from liquid spills.


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