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Why Engineered Wood Flooring Is A Great Option For Humid Environments...

Why Engineered Wood Flooring Is A Great Option For Humid Environments...

Posted in Engineered Wood Flooring by Source on May 21st 2012
Why Engineered Wood Flooring is a Great Option for Humid Environments When looking to invest in a long-lasting and attractive flooring solution for areas where humidity is a problem, you need a flooring material that is able to respond to environmental changes without losing any of its structural integrity or aesthetic appeal.

One such solution that offers a great deal in the way of attractiveness and structural stability is engineered hardwood flooring. Wood flooring of any kind has long been discouraged for use in areas where humidity is an issue. This is because heat can severely dry out hardwood floors and cause the boards to warp and cup, just as they would if they were exposed to excessive moisture.

Fortunately, engineered hardwood has been designed to counteract such effects, just as it has in the case of dampness in a below-grade or non-environmentally controlled interior. Indeed, the criss-cross type construction of the high-density fibreboard or plywood underneath the wood veneer enables engineered wooden floors to expand and contract with the heat without compromising the structural stability or attractiveness of the top layer. As well as their functional benefits regarding humidity and dampness, engineered hardwood floors can also work out to be less expensive than their solid hardwood counterparts.

This means that you can enjoy plenty of unique benefits and save yourself some money in the process! Explore our pages further to find out more about the relative benefits of hardwood flooring and view our various wood flooring products in greater detail.


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