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6 Reasons You Should Choose Laminate Flooring From Source Wood Floors

6 Reasons You Should Choose Laminate Flooring From Source Wood Floors

Posted in Laminate / Vinyl Flooring by Source on January 10th 2014
Laminate flooring is a durable, elegant and cost effective flooring solution for your home. This type of flooring is extremely easy to maintain, is stain and scratch resistant and is ideal for areas with a large amount of foot traffic. Source Wood Floors offers a wide variety of laminate wood flooring for you to choose from. Why should you choose engineered or laminate wood flooring from Source Wood Floors?

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laminate Flooring From Source Wood Floors

Laminate wood flooring has many advantages. The highest quality laminate wood flooring will look identical to real wood. However, it is much cheaper compared to solid wood flooring, so if you are looking for quality at an affordable price, laminate wood flooring makes an excellent choice. Just take a quick look at our laminate flooring options, and you will find waterproof, Krono royal oak, quick step, and Krono harvester oak. They are available in various shades and patterns, so there are plenty of options to choose from. You should buy laminate wood flooring from Source Wood Floors because:
  • Source Wood Floors offer you high quality laminate wood flooring and engineered flooring at excellent prices.
  • For your convenience, we offer you free wooden floor samples. They will be delivered to you via first class post, and they will allow you to check whether your flooring of choice suits your interior design.
  • We offer fast next day delivery on almost all of our products.
  • Source Wood Floors offers you lowest and most competitive laminated wood flooring prices on the market. We are confident that we can beat the competition when it comes to superior product quality and low prices.
  • Not sure what to choose? At Source Wood Floors we offer free wooden flooring advice. Our experts will offer advice on what floor is most suitable for your home.
  • We offer you a full service, including top quality laminate wood floors, free floor samples, advice, and quick and safe payment options. To top it all off we offer you a very fast delivery service.
If you’re looking for perfection at every step of the way, turn to Source Wood Floors.

Benefits Of Laminate Wood Flooring

Why do so many people choose laminate wood flooring instead of solid wood floors? The answer is simple: because of the many advantages laminate flooring can offer. For example, it is extremely durable, and won’t fade in direct sunlight. If you are looking for flooring options in the kitchen or in areas with high foot traffic levels, laminate wood flooring is the ideal option. It is resistant to stains, scratches and water.

It is extremely easy to clean and maintain, and it is a great option for people with allergies, as laminate is easy to clean and won’t collect dust like a carpet does. For a top quality product that is be durable and looks identical to solid wood flooring, choose laminate wood flooring. At Source Wood Floors, you will receive all the advice and assistance you may need while choosing your laminate wood flooring so you can find the ideal flooring for your requirements. For more information please email us at: enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk Or call us on: 01379 652613


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