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What Is Aqua Step Flooring?

What Is Aqua Step Flooring?

Posted in Laminate / Vinyl Flooring by Source on May 8th 2014
Aqua Step is an innovative type of flooring which is made from a variety of recycled materials and is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof. It has been developed as an ideal flooring option for bathrooms and kitchens which are highly susceptible to water leaks and spillages. This means that Aqua Step provides unique features which you won’t find on any type of normal wood flooring.

What Is Aqua Step Flooring?

Aqua Step flooring can provide years of comfort and is highly resistant to any water leaks, floods, moisture or condensation. It has been designed for kitchens and bathrooms but can also work in any other areas of the home. Aqua Step is made of high quality synthetic resins and will never circum to any temperature or humidity changes meaning it cannot expand or contract like standard wood flooring. Aqua Step is one of the easiest flooring options to maintain, as it can be cleaned with just water and soap and is highly resistant to harmful bacteria. This means it is also is completely mould resistant and ideal for people who suffer from sensitive allergies. The high density surface coating and the waterproof seams prevent any dirt or dust from sticking to the floor. The innovation behind Aqua Step is a clever hollow floor structure that absorbs sound, conducts floor heating and is stronger than standard wood flooring options. The core of the board is made of a high quality synthetic resin which combines with a honeycomb structure which means it can withstand heavy loads and falling objects. Aqua Step fits quickly and easily thanks to its special patented Uniclic locking system, which allows each piece to simply click together. This very flexible installation system even allows you to take up and re-install your floor several times if you need to. This means along with the materials they’re made from, Aqua Step is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available. With Aqua Step you can cover large areas of up to 15m x 15m without the use of intermediate expansion profiles. It can also be installed across different rooms without the need for a threshold, which means you can lay it across a whole floor without it being interrupted. Thanks to the easy and fast installation of this flooring, no extra accessories are required, making it a fantastic alternative for those who do not want engineered or solid wood flooring.

Quality Engineered & Solid Wood Flooring From Source Wood

At Source Wood we have a range of Aqua Step flooring ranging from oak colours through to white or blue travertine, as well as underlay, skirting and Scotia trim which has all been designed for use with their laminate flooring. We also have a huge selection of engineered and solid wood flooring, including a diverse range of styles and finishes. Plus we also provide a range of flooring accessories including adhesives and varnishes, and each product includes next day delivery. If you would like advice about any of our wood flooring options please contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to explain everything to you. Email enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk or call 08456 021 781.


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