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What Makes Oak Wood Flooring so Good?

What Makes Oak Wood Flooring so Good?

Posted in Oak Wood Flooring by Source on March 14th 2015
Hardwood floors have been preferred by a lot of homeowners for many years. Hardwood floors make any room look elegant. Moreover, it is easy to design the interiors of a home if hardwood floors are used because their beauty is versatile. Aside from this, hardwood flooring makes any house look like a million dollars. This is the reason why a lot of owners who are opting to sell their house consider installing hardwood flooring like oak wood flooring.

Oak wood is one of the best hardwood flooring especially in areas or rooms with high traffic like the hallways because it is durable, sturdy, and easily adaptable. Here are a few reasons why oak wood flooring is perfect for your home.

  • It is very tough.
Oak wood flooring can stand the test of time. Take a look at the old mansions and the oaken shrine of Edward the Confessor, an English king who died in 1066 A.D. All these have oak wood flooring that are still intact and strong today. This is proof that oak wood flooring is durable, sturdy, and resistant to decay.

  • It can easily blend in to any interior makeover.
Oak wood floors are never old-fashioned. In fact, oak wood flooring may lend a hand in making a room look aged. However, it can also make any modern room feel rustic and elegant at the same time. Oak wood has a variety of grain patterns and diverse wood circles which make it fashionable, unique, and distinctive.

  •  It comes in different shades.
Oak wood flooring is not limited to a shade of brown, the typical wood colour. It comes in different colours such as white and red. Red Oak has a light to medium red brown shade with very minimum amount of colour variation. It is fairly coursed with medium to slightly large pores. White Oak, on the other hand, has a white, cream and light brown colour to yellowish shade. White Oak has rays longer than Red Oak which makes it more preferred for furniture and hardwood flooring.

  •  It is easy to manage and maintain.
Hardwood floors are a bit technical to maintain but oak wood is an exception. Managing and keeping oak wood flooring from damage is very easy. Simple have the proper hardwood cleaner and you are good to go. Vacuuming the floor is not necessary although thin layer of protection from moisture, heavy wear, and scratches should be given to the floor once in a while.

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