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Create An Ambient Xmas With Solid Wood Flooring

Create An Ambient Xmas With Solid Wood Flooring

Posted in Solid / Hardwood Flooring by Source on November 4th 2011
>The appearance of solid wood flooring has always been one associated with luxury. Part of the beauty of it lies in its versatility. Whether you wish to create a contemporary feel, a Tuscan look or that of the traditional, classic English farmhouse, amongst many others – it’s all possible. And with Christmas fast approaching, ambience is the latest thing people are striving to achieve and by using dark tones this can easily be achieved by following a few design pointers.

Dark tones are quite large in terms of the variety on offer. For tones such as dark oak it is advised that the room has access to a large amount of natural light. Without access to this type of light source dark hard wood flooring can make the room appear too dark, in effect losing this sense of ambience and could make the room seem claustrophobic.

They say that memory lives in our sense of smell, and few things conjure up magic more quickly than the scent of a fresh, green Christmas tree. And nothing brings faster tears than water damage, sap stains or deep scratches on a well-loved hardwood floor. No need for bah-humbug. It's not hard to place a Christmas tree over hardwood floors. The most sensible approach is to make sure that you have a good mat underneath your tree, i.e. an old bath mat, and to make sure that you don’t overspill when watering the tree!

Solid wood flooring needs to be of quality manufacture, as well as being made from the highest standards of materials. We can guarantee that all of our flooring is nothing but the best. Our reputation - as one of the leading hardwood flooring companies - is in place because we are passionate about what we do. We know that our customers need premier wooden flooring that is built to last. And we hope your Christmas is a good as the wood we provide!

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