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What is thedDifference between Solid and Engineered wood flooring?

What is the difference between Solid and Engineered wood flooring?

Posted in Solid / Hardwood Flooring by John on January 12nd 2015
What is the Difference between Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring?

Deciding on the kind of wood flooring to use is no joke. Since a lot of factors come into play, you should consider the pros and cons of each type of wood flooring before making a decision.
A solid wood flooring is composed of just one wood directly milled from a tree. Its thickness usually ranges from 15 to 20 mm. Engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, is composed of a top veneer that is made up of hardwood and supported with three layers of either plywood, softwood, or a medium-density fibreboard.

Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding which between the two would be best for your floor and home. 
  •          Sanding
In order to get a rich patina finish, you have to sand your hardwood floors a couple of times each year. You can certainly do this with a solid plank. However, an engineered wood flooring can only be sanded once, twice the most. Otherwise, its thin protective layer would suffer right away from wear and tear. The solid oak has the advantage here, as it can be sanded several times over to restore its original finish.    
  •          Longevity
Both types are very sturdy and durable, and more often than not, the longevity of the material flooring depends on the fitting and not on the technology used. As such, hire only the best professionals to install your wood floor – be it engineered wood flooring or solid oak flooring UK.
  •          Installation
If you bought solid oak flooring UK, you will have to nail it down. Conversely, an engineered wood flooring is easier to install, especially with quick click flooring.
  •          Moisture-repellent
Solid planks expand and contract depending on the temperature, so it is best to avoid installing them in bathrooms and basements. Engineered wood is stable and does not have expand nor contract.
  •          Use
For a high traffic area, it would be best to buy some solid oak flooring UK. 
  •          Affordability
Engineered wood flooring is cheaper to buy and install than solid oak.
  •          Another option
Parquet floors are beautiful to look at because of their decorative mosaic-inspired wood patterns, the most popular of which is the herringbone. Shop for parquet flooring UK to discover more patters, and choose the one that would fit your overall décor theme.    

The verdict then is that for the purist who prefers beautiful things, the solid wood flooring is the best option. Meanwhile, for the practical, the engineered wood flooring is the best one to purchase.


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