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5 Tips to Clean Your Wood Floor5 Tips to Clean Your Wood Floor

5 Tips to Clean Your Wood Floor

Posted in Wood Flooring Installation And Maintenance by John on December 29th 2014
Whether you have an Oak, Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, Australian Cypress, or Tiete Rosewood, keeping your wooden floors squeaky clean and shiny is not an easy task for any homeowner. Fortunately, there are tricks and wood cleaning products developed to manage and maintain the cleanliness of any wood flooring.

Here are 5 ways to maintain the natural shine of your floor.

1.    Prevention is better than cure.

Why choose to experience getting your hands and knees dirty in order to clean the floor when you can prevent any damage to the wood as much as possible? In order to keep your wooden floors in the same condition when the woods were bought, adopt these few tricks:
  1.          Make sure that your shoes, especially stilettos, do not have any exposed metal.
  2.          Metals can scratch or leave markings on any type of wood flooring.
  3.          If you have a pet, dogs and cats in particular, remember to trim their nails or have them groomed regularly. Nails of cats and dogs can grow long and sharp. Sharp nails can create scratch marks on your wood floorings.
  4.          Last but not the least, try using protector pads on the legs of your furniture such as couch and cabinets because these can dent and scratch hardwood floors.

2.    Use Osmo Wash and Care 1x per month.

Another way to maintain the cleanliness of your floor is through the use of wood care products. Osmo Wash and Care is one of the best wood floor cleaners. It is a water-based but concentrated cleaning product. Using Osmo Wash and Care once every month is an environment-friendly way to clean your wooden floors.

3.    Use Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner 1x per year.

Another available wood care product is the Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner. It is made of natural vegetable waxes which will restore the shine of your floor while keeping it free from germs. Osmo Wash and Care and Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner are reliable wood floor cleaning products.

4.    Keep floor well-swept, so you are not grinding dirt into the floor.

Sweeping at least once a day will help you lessen the dirt that enters your home. Hence, by sweeping in the morning or in the evening, you will prevent yourself from grinding tiny soil particles on to your hardwood flooring.

5.    Have a good quality floor matt set into the floor on all entrances from outside.

One of the most important tips is to leave floor mats outside your doors which have access from the outside of the house. Floor mats will serve as your shield from dirt coming from the garden.

All these will help you prevent reducing the lustre and quality of your wooden floor.


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