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Caring For Your Wooden Floor

Caring For Your Wooden Floor

Posted in Wood Flooring Installation And Maintenance by Source on June 27th 2010
Making the switch from a carpeted home to one that has a wood floor can be a daunting experience; for example, how often does it need to be cleaned?  Is a quick sweep with a brush or mop once a week enough? Finding the answers to these is important if you want to ensure that your flooring lasts its lifetime. There are several different ways to go about doing this.  Simply using a soft brush, or vacuuming, can be good enough to keep the surface tidy, but, if your floor is likely to pick up a fair amount of marks or stains, then more care may be needed. Whether your floor is an engineered wooden floor or a hardwood floor, there are various products which can be used, such as wood floor cleaner or a wax cleaner, which should only need to be used every few months. The maintenance does not end with just using products, though; there are various other measures which can be taken to protect your wooden flooring. If people are likely to be crossing it in shoes (particularly high heels), then these should be kept at a high level of care, so no internal materials become exposed and cause damage. Pads should also be used under chair and table legs, to reduce wear over time.  Before using any cleaning products on your wood floor, or if you are unsure of anything related with it, then Source Wood Floors can offer advice and reassurance.


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