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How To Clean Oiled Wood Floors?

How To Clean Oiled Wood Floors?

Posted in Wood Flooring Installation And Maintenance by Source on March 28th 2014
In order to get the most out of your oiled wood floor it is essential to give it the care and maintenance it requires. By doing this correctly, you can prolong the life of your oiled wood floor for many years. Here are simple tips and guidelines to follow that will help maintain the finish of your wood floors.

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Oiled Wood Floors

The first step in caring for wood floors is to keep them free of dirt and dust. This is the only way to reduce the abrasive action of this build up and stop the floor from being scratched. Once you have just installed your floor there are a few points to consider.
  • Make sure the room is at the correct humidity and temperature, including the underfloor heating.
  • Keep the maximum surface temperature at around 27 °C and ensure the daily temperature variation is no more than 5 °C.
  • Use mats on both sides of the door will to help prevent dirt from getting onto the wood floor.
  • Immediately remove spills to prevent any lasting stains.
  • Add pieces of felt under furniture legs to stop them from scratching the floor when they are moved around.
Once you have ensured that your floor is properly protected, you must now clean and maintain it regularly to keep it look great for years. Simple and economical, regular maintenance allows fast treatment of the wood in order to renew the protective layer of oil and keep the wood floor looking warm and natural.
  • Regular maintenance with oils will not only clean and remove marks but will also keep the finish looking good for longer.
  • After ensuring the oiled floor is dust free, apply the maintenance solution and wipe with a clean, dry cotton cloth to give a smooth finish.
  • On high traffic wooden floors, regular maintenance can be completed with one coat of oil over the whole floor followed by careful buffing, either with a buffing machine or by hand.
  • Properly maintained wood floors will look better every time you apply a new coat of oil, as new layers will add shine and protection each time.
  • Add a new coat of oil every 2-3 months, or every month or so for high traffic areas.

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