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Maintaining Wooden Floors The Simple Way

Maintaining Wooden Floors The Simple Way

Posted in Wood Flooring Installation And Maintenance by Source on April 23rd 2012
There is a common misconception among consumers that, while hardwood flooring looks fabulous and can really boost the appearance of homes, it is hard to maintain. People often imagine themselves down on their hands and knees, scrubbing the material and applying endless layers of wax.In reality, caring for modern floors of this kind couldn't be easier. Indeed, in many ways it's more straightforward that looking after carpets. After all, carpets can be quickly damaged by spillages, mud and so on whereas wood can easily be wiped clean.As long as you buy quality products like those offered by us here at Source Wood Floors, you can rest assured that your regular maintenance will consist simply of sweeping the surface with a soft brush or vacuuming it with the appropriate hardwood floor attachment. In addition to this, a periodical wash with a wood cleaning product can be helpful. Doing this on a weekly basis is ideal. Then, perhaps every three to four months, cleaning with special wax products helps to rejuvenate the timber.Nothing could be more straightforward. So, to find out more about our floors, including our engineered hardwood flooring offerings, just take a look around our website. Whether you choose to buy solid or engineered wood floors, you can keep them in tip top condition with the minimum of effort.In contrast, to keep carpets looking their best, you might find yourself going to great lengths. The services of professional steamers might even be required to keep them stain-free and attractive.


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