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Which Underlay For Your Floor...

Which Underlay For Your Floor...

Posted in Wood Flooring Underlay by Source on July 29th 2012

It will provide thermal insulation. Wood flooring underlay, like duvets, comes with tog ratings.  Depending upon the make-up, thickness and density of the underlay you choose, you’re likely to benefit from reduced heating costs. That said, if you have under floor heating, you’ll need to choose a specialist underlay, to allow the heat to be able to pass into your room. It will help resist moisture.  A damp resistant wood floor underlay will help prevent distortion of the wood flooring due to moisture coming from below It will reduce noise pollution.  By adding a layer of underlay you’ll find that your floor is much less noisy.  In fact, some experts suggest that a specialist wood flooring underlay might reduce noise on wooden floors by up to 30%.

When installing your new wood floor, the underlay can determine the success and durability of your new product's life span. There are different types of wood flooring underlay for different types of installation, sound, heat or moisture insulation quality. There are also different types of underlay for the different type of flooring being installed. Wood flooring underlay can now be used when installing every type of flooring. It’s most common use will be when installed in conjunction with an engineered wood floor. This allows the floor to be floated down onto the underlay. The same installation method can be used when installing solidengineered wood floors.

Solid wood floors can now be installed with adhesive underlays, specifically designed to be used with solid wood floor boards. There is also a good selection of underlays which are designed to be used with underfloor heating, which allow the heat to pass through quickly and evenly distributed. Moisture barriers are also a very common feature in wood floor underlays. Allowing moisture to get into your floor boards can completely wreck the entire floor. It will add comfort.  A good underlay acts like a cushion for your new floor, which means you’ll get a great feel under foot.

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