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8 Awesome Tips for Wood Flooring Protection after Installation

8 Awesome Tips for Wood Flooring Protection after Installation

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source Wood Floors on January 16th 2016
Nothing compares to the joy of having newly installed wood flooring in your home. The warm and cosy ambiance of the wood is definitely priceless. However, this may easily fade away if your wood flooring is not given proper care and protection. Here are the 8 tips you need to follow to enjoy your wood flooring longer.

  • 1.    Curing reaps great rewards for your floor.
You may be eager to know what it feels like to walk on your floor or see how the room would look like with the furniture on it. But always remember: patience is a virtue. Wait for the process of curing to finish, wherein the last coating of oil or varnish is already completely dry before doing so. Try to find something that can fully cover your floor to prevent it from being damaged.

  • 2.    Stay away from floor chemicals for at least a week.
Don’t put any cleaning products in the water for mopping just yet. Water alone should suffice in cleaning your floors during the first week.

  • 3.    Don’t drown your floor with water.
Use warm water and only spray. Do not soak your mop with it. This is unless you are confident that your floor won’t get damaged with the amount of water that you will use.

  • 4.    Use cleaners for deeper cleaning.
After the process of curing is done and you feel that water alone won’t do for the dirt in your floor, use a cleaner that has been reduced to a lower concentration with warm water. You can ask online wood flooring store - Source Wood Floors for the right type of cleaner to use on your floor.

  • 5.    Protect your floor from dust and grime.
Dirt can leave scratches on your floor. Buying a good quality doormat can do wonders. The doormat should preferably be absorbent of moisture and can effectively scrub away dirt. Make sure that your doormat is wide enough so that people that come in can step on it long enough to remove dirt without having the need to wipe their feet on it. Vacuum your floor on a regular basis.

  • 6.    Use stronger cleaners for stubborn stains.
Do away with the water if the dirt is not going away with water or diluted cleaner. If it’s still not working, then refinishing is needed.

  • 7.    Use polishes to preserve the beauty of your floor.
Do you feel that your floor already needs a little bit more shine? A good polish will help you out. There are a lot of good brands available in Source Wood Floors UK.

  • 8.    Prevent heels and your pet’s sharp claws from damaging your floor.
Ask your visitors politely to remove their heels when going inside the house. Also, make sure that your pet’s claws are dry and regularly trimmed.

You think you’re up to the task? If you need more advice, Source Wood Floors UK has in-house designers who are more than willing to help! Contact us today.


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