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Funky Wooden Floors For Innovative Interior Design

Funky Wooden Floors For Innovative Interior Design

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on August 21st 2013
Create a cheerful atmosphere in your home with a funky interior design. Funky and uniquely styled wooden floors are a great addition to contemporary decors and will make a powerful statement about your home.

The Variety Of Funky Wooden Floors

Source Wood has a large range of original and distinctive floor designs. Their Raj laminate wooden flooring uses a rare and distorted pattern design, making it an unforgettable style of flooring. The cow laminate wooden floors offer a similar effect to The Raj. The funky colours and patterns of these boards will turn your floor into hypnotic masterpiece and certainly leave an impression on any visitors. The Scribble laminate floors are perfect for those looking to create an innovative and chic interior. The evident application of scribble will make your apartment look outstanding. Combining this flooring with pieces of art and colour will work wonders for achieving a sense bohemian modernism. If you prefer a more shabby chic design, the Cruise Liner laminate floors are just what you need. This classic and timeless style will help to create enduring aesthetics. For a vintage look, get the Chateau Box Rustic floors. These will add mid-century modernism to your interior and emphasize a shabby chic design. Use mismatched textiles and Victorian furnishings to reflect this unique appearance.

Wooden Floors From Source

You can get funky wooden floors from Source. We are thrilled to have sourced this exciting range of Trending Laminates. Contact us now to discuss 25 year residential guarantee and more. For more information please e-mail enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk or call 01379 652613


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