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Modern Distressing Techniques Give Old Character Wood Floors

Modern Distressing Techniques Give Old Character Wood Floors

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on February 4th 2015
When you go to an old school, bar or visit a country home, you may notice that the floors are made of what seems like old wood flooring. This is not just any wood – it is distressed wood.

Distressed wood flooring gives any room a particular character. It is perfect for rustic interiors or camping themes in your garden. It also suits old houses very well. Distressed wood flooring is perfect for any homeowner who fears that their children or pets would leave distinctive marks on the floor. Distressed wood camouflages these scratches and marks because the floor itself is made to appear all scratched up.

Different types of distressing

Distressing requires both skill and artistry. It is a technique used to give wood flooring an interesting aged finish. It can be done before wood is installed in the house or restaurant or after installation. Contractors who create distressed wood study existing old wood flooring, and apply its characteristics to new wood. Any wood can look like old oak flooring through various techniques, such as hand scraping, wire brushing, sanding, rubbing, and striking.

By the term itself, hand scraped distressing requires one’s use of hands and the skill of adjusting the angles of scraping, the pressure used, and the sharpness of the blade employed in the process. Because of the individuality of each hand scraped wood panel, no two distressed wood will ever look exactly the same.

Brushing is a different technique. Wire brushing is done by pulling the soft grains of the wood from the growth rings. This exposes the heart wood to the surface. This technique is used to maintain a smooth and sleek appearance while creating an old wood flooring texture.Sanding, on the other hand, is done smoothing away areas that should have been worn out over the years. This creates a very suave distressed wood. Rubbing is a different technique because it uses certain chemicals like dyes, inks, acids and black wood fillers to make wood appear dark and worn out.

Another interesting technique is striking. This technique uses chains, hammers, ice picks, drills, chisels and saw bladesto create dents and worm holes on the surface of the wooden floor. After applying any or a combination of these techniques, flooring craftsmen will add colour to the old oak flooring to fit the interiors of any home or restaurant.

Wood types for distressing

Not all wood result to perfectly distressed wood flooring. Wood, such as oak, walnut, pine and hickory,are the best for wood distressing. Other wood, like teak and maple,give craftsmen a hard time before pulling off a distressed old appearance.

In the end, any distressed floor will still give your home that rustic feel you desire.


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