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Solid Or Engineered - How Do You Choose

Solid Or Engineered - How Do You Choose

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on November 27th 2012
>new wood floor, which type should  you use, Solid wood flooring or engineered. The widespread popularity of wood flooring continues to grow for one simple reason: There's no substitute for the warmth and natural beauty of real wood. Many homeowners choose traditional, unfinished hardwood-strip flooring in either red oak or maple because it's affordable, attractive, and they can choose the stain colour or leave it natural.

However, unfinished wood requires sanding, staining, if desired, and a clear topcoat finish. One of the most fundamental decisions you’re going to have to make is the choice between solid and engineered wood flooring.  In a nutshell, solid wood flooring is made from single planks of wood and engineered wood flooring is made of layers of different types of wood that are bonded together. Both types of flooring come in a wide variety of colours and wood species.

The specific type and style of flooring you'll ultimately choose will depend on several factors, including price, size of the floorboards, wood species, ease of installation, type of subfloor, and the room itself. Here's a brief look at each type. Although the differences between engineered and solid wood flooring are quite significant, the one over-riding factor to bear in mind is that engineered wood flooring can be used in rooms where temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate, whereas solid wood shouldn’t.

Also, if you have under floor heating, then engineered wood flooring is recommended over solid wood flooring. So if  you’re planning a wooden flooring project, you’ll be forgiven for feeling that the whole thing is much more complicated than you’d ever expected!  Many years ago, a wood floor was a wood floor.

In this day and age, there are all different types of wood floor: engineered wood floor, solid wood floor, brushed and oiled wood floor, tongue and groove wood floor and so on.  So, where do you start when you’re trying to work out which wooden for might be best for you? Well we her at Source Wood flooring can help you with all your flooring needs, so call me on 08456 021781


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