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Source Wood Floors On Grand Designs

Source Wood Floors On Grand Designs

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on January 9th 2014
How often do TV programmes inspire you to begin your next interior design project? Whether it is a selection of furniture, wooden flooring or clothing, TV programmes can be a great source of inspiration. Channel 4’s Grand Designs is a popular ‘homebuilding’ show where designers embark on building their dream home. Are you ever inspired by Grand Designs when thinking of ideas for your home? Source Wood Floors have been featured in an episode!

Source Wood Floors Wooden Flooring On Grand Designs

Source Wood Floors are proud to present our wooden flooring on Grand Designs. As you may know, this show follows the process of designing and building homes that are architecturally ambitious. For those who have not seen the show, it starts with a graphic visualisation of the design and a construction plan for the house and interior. The building is visited periodically to see what progress has been made. The most exciting part of the show is when the house is finished and revealed. The show usually focuses on the unique materials used or any other interesting features about the building. What makes this show interesting is that the bespoke houses always vary in design and overall style. What all of these houses have in common is that they are all unique, extravagant and use environmentally or economically efficient materials whenever they can.

Beautiful Wooden Flooring From Source Wood Floors

Source Wood Floors has now been featured in a Grand Designs episode, offering you the opportunity to see how great they look once installed in a house. We are extremely proud to present viewers with a demonstration of our flooring and its versatility. There are many reasons as to why people choose to use wooden flooring in their home. It is a great renewable and eco-friendly material that will be decorative and durable for many generations to come. Wood flooring is also beneficial to those who suffer with allergies; unlike carpets, wood doesn’t hold dust and is easy to clean. If you are looking for versatile and durable flooring solution, take a look at the wooden flooring from Source Wood Floors. For more information please email: enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk or call: 01379 652613


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