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The Different Grades Of Hardwood Flooring

The Different Grades Of Hardwood Flooring

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on March 25th 2013
Finding flooring and textures that will suit your home and furniture can often be a long and challenging task. One thing you should always look at when investing in wood floors is the different types of grade of flooring. It sounds like a small aspect but this can have a massive impact on the effect the flooring gives to your home. All grades of wood are just as strong as each other; however it is through other characteristics that they are placed into different grades. In general, the grade of hardwood flooring can be determined through the number and size of the knots found in the wood, the amount of sap in the wood and finally the colour variations. There are other features of wood that contribute to its grading, but these are the main features to take into account.

Grades of Hardwood Flooring

There are three main grades of flooring. Prime Grade – This is the highest grade and therefore the most expensive. This kind of wood has little colour variation and few knots, giving it a smooth yet natural look. The sap content of these woods is also minimal, with a maximum of around 5% of the plank. Select Grade – This is the next grade down from Prime. Hardwood flooring made from this grade of wood contains a few knots, but they are generally no bigger than 20mm. There is slightly more colour variation in this wood, however it still remains smooth with a natural appearance. Rustic Grade – This is the final grade of wood flooring. As the name implies, it has a very authentic appearance with great colour variation, over 10% of sap and knots as big as 35mm. You can achieve a much more traditional country style look with this grade of wood.

Find Out More About Wood Floors

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