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Wood: Which Type Are You….

Wood: Which Type Are You….

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on February 5th 2012
Wood Types

If you are worried about the type of flooring that you must use, you need to understand that solid wood flooring is one of the best decisions that you will ever make. This is because of the fact that it is durable and last for more than a lifetime and future generations can use the same without the fear of any damage being caused to the same. All that is required is occasional care to ensure that wear and tear can be avoided. Definitely people do ask that if they want to go through a major renovation in the structure of the house, what will happen to the floor. Well, wooden floors can be easily renewed. The best part, keeping aside everything, is that the wooden floors increase the valuation of the property which is not possible in case of carpets.

As of today, wooden floorings are available in different types. This was not the situation a couple of decades ago. The increased number of varieties have actually helped the homeowners to get what they want desire. If you are worried about dirt and dust, you can go for strips of pre-finished wood. These strips can resist dust and dirt very well because of the fact that they are laminated.

Solid Wood: Solid wooden flooring is not meant for use anywhere and everywhere. This is because of the fact that solid wooden flooring will need a special layer beneath it so that the wood can be nailed to the layer. They are generally very strong in nature.

Unfinished Wood Floors: The wood surface is sanded and left bare, ready for any finish you wish. There is a vast range of coloured oils available in both matt and satin finishes to really make the floor your own.

Oiled Wood Floors: The wood is impregnated with layers of specially designed oils that sink deep into the layers of the wood, protecting it from dirt and dust. The oil is more or less transparent, unless you choose to go for coloured oil. Oiled floors require a little maintenance as they need oil re-applied every now and again, but are useful in that small areas of damage can be touched up without the need for major work.

Engineered Wood Flooring: This type of flooring when compared to solid wood has its own advantage. Engineered wood flooring does not require any kind of special base. They can be installed directly on the concrete or any other base similar to concrete. These are not affected by heat and moisture because they are layered wood.

Matt Lacquered Wooden Floors: Matt Lacquer gives the floor a very natural look very similar in style to an oiled floor. The main difference between oiled and matt lacquer is that matt lacquer does not require the same periodic maintenance. All that is required is a quick sweep and wipe over. However unlike oiled floors, you cannot do small touch ups.


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