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Osmo D3 Express Wood Ahesive

Osmo D3 Express Wood Ahesive

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Wood fillers & accessories

A wood flooring filler will fill and seal small holes and minor gaps in prefinished or hardwood floors.

If you are in need of a wood flooring filler to fill gaps between parquet blocks, floor boards, skirting boards and door thresholds, then check out Bona Gap Master. It is based on polyurethane and acrylate, which can be overcoated and sanded with Bona lacquers. Bona Gap Master does not include any solvent, is odourless, and can be used with all parquet finishes because of its high degree flexibility. It is also available in different colours.

Sika Max Tack PRO-50 is a multi-purpose wood floor filler. It is gun grade, and has high bond strength synthetic resin adhesive with very high initial grab.

If you need to fill joints up to 2mm in width and other minor dents and defects on your wooden floor, then Bona Max&Fill is the right filling for you.

Bona D700 adhesive is ideal for gluing various timber materials including tongue and grove joints of prefinished parquet, laminate floor covering or similar materials.

Finally, PinkGrip wood flooring filler offers a high-degree of adhesive strength on both porous and non-porous substrates. It is a revolutionary new direct bond cartridge applied adhesive formulated specifically for professional users.