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Wood fillers & accessories

Wood fillers & accessories

Buy Online Wood Flooring Fillers & Accessories

Securing your personal homes and preserving its best condition is a top priority for most homeowners. That means restoring any signs of damage, dent, and wear and tear as early as possible. If your woodwork has been damaged by such elements, it will definitely require quality wood care products, such as wood flooring fillers, to sort the problem out.

Restoring and adorning using wood flooring fillers

Wood flooring fillers should be present in your home repair kit. A wood flooring filler is a handy item that will not only resolve your wood floor dilemma, but will also fill and seal small holes and minor gaps in your prefinished or hardwood floors.

If you are in need of a wood flooring filler to fill gaps between parquet blocks, floor boards, skirting boards and door thresholds, you might as well check out Bona Gap Master. It is based on polyurethane and acrylate, which can be overcoated and sanded with Bona lacquers. It does not include any solvent, it is odourless, and can be used with all parquet finishes because of its high degree flexibility. This wood floor filler is also available in different colours.

The Sika Max Tack PRO-50 is a wood floor filler intended for several purposes. It is gun grade, and has high bond strength synthetic resin adhesive with very high initial grab. This wood floor filler can be utilized for a number of building fixes and general purposes applications.

If you need fixes to fill joints up to 2mm in width and some other minor dents and defects on your wooden floor, then Bona Max&Fill is the right type of wood flooring filling for you. Waterborne Bona Mix&Fill prohibits specification of a complete waterborne installation.

If you need wood flooring filler that meets the requirements of a class 3D and does a lot of wonders, then avail our Bona D700 adhesive. It is ideal for gluing various timber materials, most specially tongue and grove joints of prefinished parquet, laminate floor covering or materials similar to these.

Lastly, the PinkGrip wood flooring filler offers high-degree of adhesive strength on both porous and non-porous substrates. It is a revolutionary new direct bond cartridge applied adhesive formulated specifically for the professional users.