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Damp proof underlay
TradeLine Green Vapour Barrier Underlay
TradeLine Green Vapour Barrier Underlay
£1.67 m2 £25.00 pack (Exc. VAT) £30.00
Barrier Plus Underlay Barrier Plus Underlay
£2.00 m² £30.00 pack (Exc. VAT)
Pro Tech Underlay
Pro Tech Underlay
£3.39 m² £33.94 pack (Exc. VAT) £2.75

Damp proof underlay

Damp Proof Underlay for Wood Flooring

Do you live in an area where it’s always very humid outside? Is moisture getting in the way of you choosing the best sub-surface flooring at home? If that’s the case, you might want to consider choosing damp proof underlay as your sub-surface for wooden flooring at home.

Why choose a damp proof underlay?

A damp proof underlay is perfect for homes, businesses and offices that are located in places where moisture is ever present. The materials used in the making of a damp proof underlay are made from the highest quality sources processed to create not only dense foams that trap moisture but also a damp proof underlay with the latest in moisture stopping technology.

With a damp proof underlay, you are sure that your kids can freely play and enjoy themselves without fear of spilling something and frequently ruining the floor. You would have a reliable damp proof underlay system that can help you fix up the mess with ease.

With a damp proof underlay, you are sure to get the following:
  • impact sound reduction
  • magnificent thermal insulation
  • recyclable material
  • lightweight polyethylene foam
  • easy to install damp proof underlay
  • preserve wooden floors
  • protect wooden floors from moisture
A damp proof underlay is a must have at home. It gives you the liberality to do anything you want around the house without being scared of uneven flooring from moisture and humidity.

If you are looking for the perfect damp proof underlay for your home, why not consider buying from one of the best?. Source Wood Floors has a variety of high quality wood flooring underlay products that caters to your budget and specific needs. We also have an array of materials for the installation and preservation of your gorgeous wooden floors.