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Wood flooring underlay
TradeLine White Foam Underlay
TradeLine White Foam Underlay
£1.30 m² £13.00 pack (Exc. VAT)
TradeLine Green Foam Underlay
TradeLine Green Foam Underlay
£1.49 m2 £22.35 pack (Exc. VAT)
TradeLine Green Vapour Barrier Underlay
TradeLine Green Vapour Barrier Underlay
£1.67 m2 £25.00 pack (Exc. VAT) £30.00
X-Pro Tack Plus Underlay 10M2 X-Pro Tack Plus Underlay 10M2
£6.00 m² £59.95 pack (Exc. VAT)
Xpro Flexifix Underlay 10M2 Xpro Flexifix Underlay 10M2
£7.85 m² £78.45 pack (Exc. VAT)
Barrier Plus Underlay Barrier Plus Underlay
£2.00 m² £30.00 pack (Exc. VAT)
Techni-Board Techni-Board
£2.11 m² £12.68 pack (Exc. VAT)
Work-Pro Slotted 16.5M2 Work-Pro Slotted 16.5M2
£2.78 m² £45.81 pack (Exc. VAT)
TradeLine Ultima 6mm Underlay
TradeLine Ultima 6mm Underlay
£2.95 m² £42.50 pack (Exc. VAT)
Sika Acoubond Underlay 3mm Sika Acoubond Underlay 3mm
£2.99 m² £37.37 pack (Exc. VAT)
Pro Tech Underlay
Pro Tech Underlay
£3.39 m² £33.94 pack (Exc. VAT) £2.75
Eco Gold Underlay Eco Gold Underlay
£3.60 m² £35.95 pack (Exc. VAT) £35.00
Sika Acoubond Underlay 5mm Sika Acoubond Underlay 5mm
£3.75 m² £74.99 pack (Exc. VAT) £89.80
Quick Therm Vapour Underlay Quick Therm Vapour Underlay
£4.25 m² £42.50 pack (Exc. VAT)
Quick Therm Underlay Quick Therm Underlay
£4.35 m² £43.53 pack (Exc. VAT)

Wood flooring underlay

The durability and shelf life of your new wood floor can be determined by the wood flooring underlay. There are distinct types of wood flooring underlay for different types of installation, sound, heat, or moisture insulation quality. More so, there are unique types of underlay for the different types of wood flooring that are being installed.

Wood flooring underlay is mostly used when installed in conjunction with engineered wood flooring. The same installation technique can be used when installing solid engineered wood floors. A good selection of underlays intended to be used with underfloor heating, which permits the heat to quickly pass through and be evenly allocated, are also available.

One of the most common features in wood flooring underlay is moisture barriers. They inhibit moisture to get into floor boards so as not to ruin the entire flooring.

Various ranges of wood flooring underlay
One of the ranges of wood flooring underlay is called Foam Underlay. It is composed of lightweight closed cell polyethylene foam that is entirely recyclable. It also provides outstanding thermal and sound insulating characteristics.

Damp Proof Underlay is another range. It is a wood flooring underlay that is mainly intended to secure flooring from moisture.

Another type is called Sound-Proof Rubber Underlay. This wood flooring underlay is constructed from high density rubber and is excellent in terms of sound proofing insulation and lessens impact noise.

Next on the list of wood flooring underlay is Insulation Underlay. The boards in this category provide unparalleled thermal insulation (2.15 Togs), which makes it best to be used on cold floors and cellars.

Adhesive underlays are mostly intended to be used together with solid wood floors. They possess adhesive coating on one side that is protected with a peelable protective film which vastly improves the installation time of solid wood flooring.

Finally, Source Wood offers Underfloor Heating underlay. This type works best when paired with under floor heating. Meanwhile, the Quick Therm underlay is made of extremely dense lightweight closed cell polyethylene foam which provides maximum heat transfer.